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I was stupid and thought ACN was a respectable business and employed respactable employers. I filled out an application and submitted my application with a team member.

He stole my money. I work hard for my money and he told me i was making a good investment but i never received a cent. He took my money an pocketed for his self.

Dont trust CLEMENT COLEMAN he will steal your money from you and pocket it for himself. He is a horrible businessman.

Reason of review: Проблема с оплатой..

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ACN are very good in advertising their business but their service is not reliable.I started subscribing their 60 mbps very slow internet then I changed into 150 mbps same problem happened when you contact them about the problem they can’t help you;lots of empty promises,they messed up everything it’s not worth it!...paying to much for a poor service.I finally switch back to my old provider w/c is stress free.


acn is not a legitimate company your better off going with a regular phone provider

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